Modular synth building... first modules planning

okie... so status update... still awaiting the tiptop audio stuff, my case is getting closer and closer to being done, i've redone all my sanding/staining because well I went too fast, so now i'm letting everything dry for at least a day before applying other layer and cleaning after each time. Not sure i'll be done with varnishing when the stuff arrive but will see.

One would wonder if spending all that time building this silly box and learning i'd have a clear plan on what i'd put in it... honestly... nope. lol... i'm building a kitchen space without knowing how to cook... which is a bit silly... but I know i'll be learning along the way and i'll probably have to redo this multiple time... gotta start somewhere.

My first case is 84hp... which means 19 inch wide... so i'm quite limited with what to include in there, which mean I need to find some purpose for the box.

I decided i'd use my computer (Ableton) to sequence/trigger stuff via midi so that will leave me plenty of space for modules. Here's a build I made in to visualize how much stuff I can fit.

My first buy will be with µMIDI from intellijel   (MODULE 1)
"The µMIDI provides all the essentials to control and sync your Eurorack modular from your computer, iPhone/iPad, or hardware MIDI device with a minimum of fuss. No menu diving or configuration scripts, just two buttons. The connectivity, feature set, and compact size make the µMIDI ideal for integrating your modular with the rest of your rig while not taking up too much space in your case."

I know i'll be using Ableton Live with this box and my other gear so it will have to talk with the rest of the team ;) 

MODULE 2 - Tiptop Z3000

Basic sound out... :) next... mmm filter, another vco, fx, mixer... loop. I'd really like a display :)

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