Make Noise 0-Coast

Make Noise 0-Coast

The 0-COAST is a single voice patchable synthesizer. Its name reflects the fact that it utilizes techniques from both the Moog and Buchla paradigms (aka “East Coast,” and “West Coast,” due to their locations), but is loyal to neither and thus implements “no coast synthesis.” While the 0-COAST utilizes classic modular synthesis techniques, we designed it to operate with or without the use of patch cables. The necessary connections have been made from circuit to circuit so it operates as an expressive, musical MonoSynth. Using only the MIDI controller of your choice you could apply new timbres to your existing musical forms! Using the included Patch Cables you could get more scientific, experimenting with new ways to wire up the circuits. You might even forgo MIDI altogether, disappearing into a cloud of analog FM induced Sidebands and harmonics scattered around a single fundamental drone that has nothing to do with any form of music you’ve ever known.

So I decided while I am in the process of building my eurorack and kinda rushing to get sound out of it without really knowing what i'm doing it would be nice to have something to mess around and learn from.

So at the suggestion of a fellow modular friend (Bill T Miller / Orgy of Noise) I decided to get the Make Noise 0-Coast. 

I had a bit of a hard time locating a unit most place I usually order from were out of stock and well i'm not patient lol, finally found one in at in Toronto and they shipped it super fast ! Friday order got it monday morning :p

I've been playing with it for a week now and love it, I am not really sure what I am doing most of the time, at least I know what are the input / output, I am having a hard time with the program pages and how to use them properly, 

The patch cables supplied with the unit are enough to do most of the demo patch, I ordered 20 extra ones from :) super good service.

I am planning to film video of me messing around with the 0-Coast and share on youtube in the coming days. Also I printed tons of page 43 from the manual to share patches, i'll be including them here in pdf form.  


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