Rack update

So it's been about 3 months since I started my eurorack hobbie, I still have a 84hp 3u rack (the 0-Coast isn't mounted) I switched to a 3 row setup in modular grid to plan ahead ;) I might build a new rack during winter will see.

I didn't plan to rush this in anyway so it's moving slowly I got the 0-Coast to have something functional to play with while the rack would start to have some form of functionality ;) Buying module has been a bit harder than expected, I though i'd buy off ebay mostly but i'm way out of my game lol haven't really used it since the early days, I won a few modules so far... buying from modular grid/facebook marketplaces has resulted in 0 module so far, mostly because they were already taken so I need to keep an eye out more often. 

Buying from shop online so far I've learned to ask if anything is stocked before paying, some site have list but they don't always seem to be up to date. So far I had to cancel 2 order that I paid because my order was set to out of stock with no way to know when more would come... 

Got to be patient and talk to people lol ;) anyway everyone is really nice so far, feel likes the early days when I was trading music tapes by mail. 

So I now have a few of the basic... Ableton live can talk to the rack, sound can be routed to my mixer, things can be patched in and out to the 0-coast... got about 50 patch cables. Right now I can have basic oscillator noise with the sequencer and basic filtering/modulation. Next buy will be in the line of envelope / ADSR / random / delay / reverb and whatever I find for cheap ;)

I am not planning to have this with mobility in mind, I guess whatever I find i'll find a use for it somehow even if its just to trade later. 

Things that i'm planning to get... if $$$ rain on me lol.

1. lots of make noise stuff, i'm so happy with the 0-coast i'm curious to explore the rest of the family

  • Contour
  • Dynamix
  • DPO
  • Echophon
  • Erbe-verb
  • Math
  • MMG
  • Morphagene
  • Mysteron
  • Rene
  • Telharmonic
  • Wooglebug
2. Intellijel
  • rubicon
  • dixie II+
  • plonk
  • polaris
  • korgasmatron II
  • dual adsr
  • quadra
  • quad vca
so yeah... time to rob a bank or something ;p

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