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Lady Shadoe / Aimee
"Consultant - Writer - Editor - Translator - Design Assistant"

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"Filmmaker, Editor, Hipster, Sushi lover"

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"I draw, cook, make design on any platform, I film, I play, I get lost"

Behind the unseen eye and searching heart, the explorations of unsung perceptions in systems around us filter throughout this world and the next. Waves of life flow through us, assembling the essence to create melodic shapes as we learn to understand the beauty and the whisper becomes a song. Our recognition of this complexity can evoke the stimulation of the artist.

~ Time is Time was ~

The tragedy of formal training lies not in the abuse of talent but in the boundaries of vision. Growth of any kind must find air to breathe. I have been given some forms of basic understanding and development in methods of expression. Yet I find inspiration in learning how to connect and reflect upon all the energies of life and passion from within me to the rest of the world. Each wandering step is a possibility of change in relativity or confluence of mind and matter. I ride the cloud through layers of dreams shared and lost; I dance to the soulful melody of the muses. There is no wave unturned where another will not rise. The rawness of pain and misfortune to the intangible flicker of a moment lost can be captured and reborn through a delicate, yet sometimes violent wind of perspective, creation and truth. I believe in structure through madness. The continuity of memory and substance through constant reconstruction, thus creating a visual palette made up of paths through my subconscious.

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